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Supported Living 

In recent years, the UK economy has become an extremely difficult environment for many to survive, let alone thrive. Many of the most vulnerable members of society are finding it a challenge to have their most basic needs met, with housing being a necessity for everyone.


There is currently a huge strain on local authorities to meet the ever-increasing demand for housing. Through our partners and relationships with local authorities and housing associations, we are able to provide high quality housing to those who are struggling to find suitable accommodation.

Arnco Capital has the resources, skills and funding capability to work with local authorities to not only provide quality housing solutions, but also related ancillary services to individuals who experience difficulties in managing certain processes. These are incorporated within tailored care plans covering things such as housing benefit applications, for example.

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Affordable Housing

There is a significant shortage of affordable housing available for members of the public. The dramatic increase in property values over time has exacerbated the issue, and the situation has become untenable for many.


The government has tried to address this through the S106 initiative under new housing developments, however the volume of affordable housing being delivered through this channel is insufficient for the current and rapidly growing demand.


Arnco Capital aims to address this issue by supplementing affordable housing units made available to local authorities across the UK.

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To assist in addressing the shortfall in available housing for the most vulnerable in society, Arnco Capital is able to utilise its extensive network within the UK property market to identify suitable opportunities for acquisition.


We undertake the necessary due diligence to ensure we acquire high quality, compliant properties in the boroughs of local authorities across the country. We will undertake any remedial or renovation works that may be required before properties are made available for occupancy.

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Arnco Capital is committed to supplying the affordable housing and supported living sectors with the necessary investments to provide adequate housing solutions for the growing demand.

Our experienced team and robust partnerships give us the ability to adopt a practical and hands-on approach to supported living sector growth.


This, combined with our strong financial position, allows us to acquire and develop properties to cater to the unique needs of its residents, whilst also helping local authority services to address housing demands.





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